iHEART-SA Team Profiles:

Samanta T. Lalla-Edward PhD


Lalla-Edward is a public health monitoring and evaluation (M&E) specialist with 15 years of experience in HIV prevention and treatment research and implementation. She has led the M&E of large PEPFAR programmes in South Africa, including providing technical and training support to all levels of the Department of Health. More recently she has been involved in research projects in the areas of HIV prevention technologies, non-communicable diseases in HIV, digital health, medical technologies, high risk populations and road transport health. Lalla-Edward is passionate about building research capacity particularly for postgraduate students and strives to achieve efficiencies in all facets of public health research related to the scope of her work. She collaborates with other investigators in Africa and globally to plan and operationalize clinical and healthcare research, as well as develop local staff in research and scientific writing capability. She is committed to ensuring that young researchers receive the best possible training and support, both, to continue to advance healthcare service delivery and in our fight against HIV and non-communicable diseases. Lalla-Edward is a co-investigator and South African implementation lead of iHEART-SA.