iHEART-SA Team Profiles:

Ms Bilqees B Sayed

Ms Bilqees Sayed is a Deputy Director at the South African National Department of Health. Ms Sayed has a Masters in Medical Science (Public Health) Degree and manages the research and surveillance programme for non-communicable chronic diseases, disabilities & rehabilitation, and geriatrics. In this role she is responsible for supporting the collection of appropriate, reliable data; promoting research and supporting health promotion initiatives to improve primary and secondary prevention, early detection and management of adults with non-communicable chronic diseases. She further supports the protection and promotion of the rights of people with non-communicable chronic diseases, as well as provides guidance and advice as required, regarding non-communicable chronic diseases. Ms Sayed is also responsible for facilitating the development of the Policy and Guideline for Prostate Cancer in South Africa, as well as Guidelines for the Continuum of Care in Lung Cancer in South Africa.