iHEART-SA Team Profiles:

Mohammed K. Ali MD, MSc. MBA

Ali is an Associate Professor in the Hubert Department of Global Health and Department of Epidemiology. He has master’s training in cardiovascular medicine, global health, and business and management with expertise in diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and implementation/translation sciences, and has extensive experience in study design, implementation and management of large population-based studies, as well as quality assurance and control. He helped design and is on the Steering Committee for the National Heart, Lung, Blood Institute (NHLBI) funded Center of Excellence for Cardio-metabolic Diseases in South Asia (CoE-CARRS), playing a significant role in the design and set up, development of treatment algorithms, trial logistics and coordination processes, and quality assurance plans for the ten clinic multi-center NHLBI-funded CARRS Translation Trial, and the three-city CARRS cohort study of 13,000 people in South Asia. Dr. Ali co-led the Expert Group on diabetes complications for the Global Burden of Diseases Study and is an investigator on a number of other studies in India.

Dr. Ali has specific expertise in implementation / translational sciences and metrics based on his work as a consultant for the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) where he helps manage a program that uses natural experiment designs to evaluate diabetes prevention and control policies in the US. He also serves as scientific advisor for the National Diabetes Prevention Program of the CDC’s Division of Diabetes Translation, co-managing a network of U.S. policy and health services researchers (NEXT-D Study). Dr. Ali has received departmental and national recognition for his teaching, and has mentored over 50 pre-doctoral, medical, and post-doctoral trainees. He also serves as program director for the Public Health Leadership and Implementation Science Academy for NCDs (PH-LEADER).

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