iHEART-SA Team Profiles:

Mark Siedner MD, MPH

Dr. Mark Siedner is an infectious diseases specialist and clinical epidemiologist. He is a faculty member at the Africa Health Research Institute in KwaZulu-Natal, and also holds the positions of Associate Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, Assistant Physician at Massachusetts General Hospital and Visiting Associate Professor of Medicine at Mbarara University of Science and Technology.

His clinical and research work, supported by multiple US National Institutes of Health R-01 awards, is focused on decreasing the burden of infectious diseases on health and quality of life. He leads clinical trials, implementation science projects, and translational research studies to identify health determinants and improve health outcomes for people living with HIV in Uganda and South Africa. He also has a passion for transferring research skills to trainees on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean and serves as the primary mentor to dozens of medical students, medical trainees and junior faculty, and said he was humbled to be awarded a Harvard Medical School Young Mentor Award in recognition for these activities. He continues to dedicate significant time to didactics, both as a teaching clinician on the medical wards, but also through formal leadership on research capacity building.

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