iHEART-SA Team Profiles:

Daynia Ballot MBBCH, FCP(SA), PhD

I have worked in the neonatal unit and neonatal / paediatric ICU at CMJAH since 1991, having been the neonatal research registrar in 1991 I have a strong interest in research and am the head of PRINCE (Project to improve Neonatal Care) which has been accredited as a research programme within the FOHS. PRINCE has been awarded a grant from the Fuchs Foundation for 2016-2020. I am an NRF C2 rated researcher. I supervise many postgraduate degrees including MMED, MSC and PhD. I am a regular internal and external examiner for postgraduate degrees at all levels. I am a regular reviewer for various local and international journals, including British Medical Journal.

My current research interests include a neonatal / paediatric ICU database which is kept for quality improvement purposes. We submit data on the very low birth weight babies to the Vermont Oxford Network. I am also doing a long-term developmental study on high risk babies discharged from our unit. I am involved in emergency medicine and resuscitation and train regularly on both the APLS and neonatal resuscitation courses.

I also have an interest in medical education and am currently serving on the Council of the College of paediatricians. I have been involved in the FCP exam for the past 12 years – as examiner, convenor, and moderator.

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